Marketing efforts falling short? SunStar Strategic's Marilyn Dale contributed to a webinar hosted by Foreside Distributors. They discussed marketing challenges and actionable solutions which were compiled in our report from the webinar, Taking Action for Marketing Success. 

Do you have a marketing plan?

If so, assess what’s working and do more of it.

If you wandered off the plan or never put one together, get started today on a strategy for the next 18 months. Consider all ideas in the context of your size, resources and needs.

Take pause, and audit what your people and materials say about you today. Are your messages compelling? Do you have a story that differentiates your firm from the crowd? If not, consider an internal brainstorming meeting or a professionally facilitated workshop to refine and enhance your firm’s unique story.

While there are myriad programs to market your firm to support asset growth, visibility and credibility are at the core. If you are ready to commit resources and energy, explore how a public relations and/or serious content marketing program can set the stage.

Perhaps the most important takeaway is to keep it simple and don’t over think your strategies. That will make it easier to get started and make progress. You don’t need the very best distribution strategy today. Set realistic goals and execute – one step at a time. If your goal is to add 10 more advisors by year-end, have a plan to achieve it and hold yourselves accountable for the execution the plan. If you apply the same discipline and execution in your growth strategy as you do in your fund management, you will be in a better place a year from now.

Download our full report, Taking Action for Marketing Success, and get started today.