Staying Active

Newly married, SunStar’s Melissa Murphy is sheltering at home with her husband Matt and their cat, Cuddles.

Melissa is hands down the most active member of the SunStar team and a “stay at home” order can’t change that. Melissa has taught barre classes at a studio in Virginia for over four years and since social distancing measures have been implemented, the studio closed temporarily. To continue engaging with clients - and keeping that critical mind/body/spirit dynamic in order – she’s now teaching online classes from her living room once a week. Clients are happy to keep moving and Melissa is delighted to connect with them during this difficult time.

 MM teaching         MM cat


Melissa is also finding other ways to get regular exercise using her peloton bike and getting outside every day to either walk or run.

For some time, Melissa had been interested in taking Yale University’s popular online course, The Science of Well-Being, but wasn’t able to find the time. After reading articles about how individuals can enrich themselves during these times, she realized this was the perfect opportunity. She’s completed the first week of the six-week course and is looking forward to seeing how it ends.


A wine tasting from home

As part of a wine society that samples wines from Sonoma, Napa, France, and more, this week Melissa and Matt participated in their first virtual wine tour. There were 12 members on the call learning about the evening’s selected wine. They learned the history of the winery, the grapes, how the wine is produced and discussed the subtle differentiators of the wine. Melissa found it to be an enjoyable event and said it helped to develop an appreciation for the wine they were drinking.


MM wine


Melissa is making the best of her time at home but looks forward to the day the restrictions are lifted so she can resume traveling and visiting with family and friends.

How are you keeping your sanity during this crazy time? Take a look at how the rest of our staff has been keeping busy in our SunStar "Stays-At-Home" series. Stay tuned for more installments!

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