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Stopping to smell the flowers

SunStar’s President & CEO, Kathryn Morrison, has lived within the hustle and bustle of the busy news cycle for most of her life.

The “stay-at-home” order has forced her to stay home and also to slow down which, surprisingly, she has enjoyed!

She’s been enjoying walks in her yard and in her neighborhood and taking delight in the signs of spring. She and her constant companion, Bo, often admire the view from her front door – her yard is filled with flowering trees.


 km front door BETTER             KM Bo 




Kathryn has turned to Skype rather than the phone for regular calls. Once the “stay-at-home” orders are lifted she intends to keep up the practice. She’s found the face to face connection much more enjoyable.

She’s been catching up with family and friends and even some she hasn’t spoken with in a long time. It’s a surprising treat and she is enjoying it immensely. If she were living in Louisiana, she said it would be her lagniappe – her “something extra.”


Farmers Market

Kathryn and her husband, Bob Brummond, SunStar’s CFO, recently traveled to their local farmer’s market in Falls Church.

The farmer’s market took pre-orders from $25 - $100. They weren’t sure how the process would go, but as regulars, at the usual farmer’s market, they wanted to try it out.

They enjoyed a beautiful drive. Kathryn said the dogwoods and all the flowering trees were blooming and everything was green. Passing through Old Town was gorgeous as the signs of spring were everywhere.


KM dogwoods


Once they arrived at the market, they were impressed by both the efficiency and ingenuity of the setup and likened it a security check-in. There was a truck loaded with packed boxes of produce and a tent. The tent had plexiglass windows – 1 on either side. The first window had a slot to turn in your receipt and give your name and the second window had a larger opening for them to slide out the box of produce.



KM Farmers market         KM food from market  



Once their veggies are gone, Kathryn said they’ll likely return. For now, although Kathryn misses the hustle and bustle and water cooler conversations of the busy SunStar office, she is enjoying the quiet at home and is “stopping to smell the flowers.”


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