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Finding Joy in the Little Things


SunStar Strategic’s Bob Tebeleff has found delight in the little things during the shelter-in-place orders.

A self-proclaimed people person, Bob has found social distancing to be a challenge, but he has found ways to connect with family and friends that are making the situation more bearable.


Staying connected

Bob’s daughter lives nearby and visits often but always through the storm door. His son is in California and they catch up regularly via phone. The family as a whole--Bob, his kids, and extended family--has turned to Zoom to stay connected and while it is not quite the same as in-person contact, they enjoy being able to connect virtually.

Bob has also enjoyed Zoom meetings with high school classmates. They had a reunion planned for September which has been canceled but they have enjoyed reconnecting virtually.


Staying active - physically and mentally

Bob has been enjoying daily walks in a nearby park. Some days he walks alone and other times he walks with a friend or two – always socially distanced of course and always wearing a mask. The fresh air and change of scenery keep him active and entertained. If it is raining, he heads to his basement for a turn on the stationary bike. While he prefers the daily walks, reading the newspaper while on the stationary bike isn’t bad for a fallback option.

Bob is an avid reader and a history buff. He has found more time to catch up on reading these days. He is particularly interested in 20th-century history surrounding World War II, Winston Churchill, political observations, etc.


BT masks


Staying positive

Bob often relies on a meal delivery service but occasionally likes to change things up. He recently reached out to his favorite deli and was delighted to learn they offered curbside pick-up. He ordered a sandwich and bagels and it was ready almost instantly. Driving to pick it up he said felt like a little kid he was so excited. When he arrived, he popped the trunk and received his goodies.




Bob is really and truly a people person and says what he is missing most are social connections. Seeing and interacting with people, going to lunch with friends, being able to just hop in the car and go places and see people. He is looking forward to the days when the restrictions are lifted, and he can move freely about.

Until then, Bob is finding joy in the little things - a sandwich from his favorite deli, a Zoom visit with family, a walk with friends - these are helping him stay positive during these trying times.


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