Achieving ubiquity for an asset manager would be akin to grabbing the brass ring on an old carousel. It’s the pinnacle they strive for – it would mean all investable assets were flowing their way because they were top of mind.



  1. the fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.



Can an asset manager ever truly be ubiquitous? That’s the goal behind Bill Hortz’s Institute for Innovation Development. He describes it as “an educational and business catalyst for members determined to grow their businesses in a world of constant change.”

The Institute provides its members with a repository filled with tools and resources designed to help grow their businesses. Through the resources and collaborative online communities, members interact and inspire “growth through innovation.”

One of the key benefits of the Institute is the opportunity to be published in respected industry outlets. Through Institute partnerships, members have been published in Financial Advisor magazine,, The Financial Advisor Center, Harvest Exchange, Advisorpedia, Financial Advisor IQ - Think Tank and Seeking Alpha.

The Institute for Innovation Development can be a valuable tool in an asset manager's arsenal.