Storytelling is a crucial component of both marketing and public relations. They go hand in hand and industry professionals must be able to craft and tell stories about their brands and their products.

Forbes Agency Council took the idea a step further. Realizing that storytellers are found in a variety of fields they reached out to 14 experts of various backgrounds and asked them about key takeaways they learned from storytelling in marketing.


  1. Start with the most compelling idea

  2. Make the message relevant

  3. Include something over the top

  4. Evoke emotion

  5. Include an element of surprise

  6. Be more authentic

  7. Focus on the first sentence

  8. Start with the truth

  9. Be simple and upfront

  10. Identify the tension

  11. Tell a relatable story

  12. Act like you’re talking to a friend

  13. Create good story arcs

  14. Lead with the lesson or ending first


Sound intriguing? You can find more detail in the full article here.


Are you ready to tell your story?


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