Most marketers are familiar with the idea of incorporating video into their content strategy, but how can you make the most of those videos?


Here are some of our favorite tips:


Show Don't Tell

Always ask if yourself if your topic could work for a video instead of a written piece. Then, don’t just talk about something, show your customers how to do it. it is easier to digest, and a great way to highlight your expertise.  Showing always beats telling! 


Keep ‘em Comin'

Like all content marketing, videos should be posted on a regularly planned schedule. While it’s arguable that any video is better than no video, it’s best to keep ‘em coming on a regular basis on topics that are relevant to your audience. it’s crucial to keep your videos fresh and timely.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you don't already have a YouTube channel - it's time to create one. A YouTube channel is a great way to engage in today’s social media frenzy. It will enhance your searchability, and people may be more likely to share a YouTube video that’s creative or informative.

You can link to your YouTube channel from your website so people can easily find your video archives, but embedding video directly on your site as well is a good practice and cuts through the clutter. 

Engage Your Customers

Get your customers involved. Are any of them interested in providing a testimonial? Prospects can hear from straight from the horse’s mouth about your products and services.

Call to Action

In all your content, you should always include a call to action, and video is no different. While sharing your smart ideas and insight may be the meat and potatoes, adding a specific way to get in touch is the cherry on top. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant or overshadow the true purpose of the video—just keep it light and include it at the end.

We’d love to help you with your video strategy, whether you’re just getting started or need ideas to take you to the next level. Interested in hearing more about SunStar Strategic's services and how we can help you? Let's talk.