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We’ve moved to a digital society powered by e-commerce. Gone are the days of the salesman pounding the pavement or picking up a telephone.

We’ve become so tuned in to the digital aspect that we’ve lost the ability to relate to customers, says Marc Emmer for Forbes.

No, we don’t need to roll over and give up – but, Emmer suggests there are 7 practical approaches to employ to grow your business.


  1. Build an integrated sales and marketing system

  2. Be obsessed with the voice of the customer

  3. Know thy value proposition

  4. Ask for referrals

  5. View customer service as a revenue stream

  6. Make your customer relationship management (CRM) useful

  7. Humanize your offer

Emmer suggests it’s time to give your sales and marketing efforts an overhaul. Take a hard look at what you’ve been doing and see how to change it to be more successful in the world we’re living in today.