Once upon a time, 2020 seemed light-years away and while technology has made incredible advances in the past 50-100 years we haven’t gotten quite as far as some had expected.

Bestlifeonline put together a pretty hilarious list of 23 of the best predictions for 2020. Some predicted that by 2020 humans would have evolved further, modes of transportation would have made epic leaps, and daily life tasks would be quite different! Take a look at some highlights:



Humans would have finally gotten rid of the pesky “other” toes, and all feet would just have one big toe.

Humans would all be vegetarians AND, additionally, food wouldn’t really be necessary because nanobots would supply nutrition.

Women would all be built like wrestlers – they’d be over six feet tall, wear size 11 shoes, be large and muscular and would be described as “Amazonian.”



Cars would be driven by primate chauffeurs

Roads would instead be tubes

Personal helicopters


Daily Life

Nuclear powered vacuums

Robot therapists

Disposable socks


While some of these predictions are hilariously far-fetched, some would be quite nice to have! Wouldn’t it be great if our flying homes could simply be cleaned by hosing everything off? Then turning on a button to instantly dry it all?

You can find the full list of predictions here. Enjoy!


Happy New Year! May 2020 bring great things!