Ready to amp up your marketing efforts? Foreside Distributors recently hosted a webinar to address marketing challenges. SunStar Strategic's Marilyn Dale was a contributor. This is the fourth installment of our report, Taking Action for Marketing Success, designed to present marketers with actionable ideas to overcome their marketing challenges.


Creating high-quality content is demanding, but it can be easier when focused on the firm's investment themes.



Creating relevant, compelling content attracts new visitors to a firm’s site, keeps them there, and entices them to come back. Return is measurable when that content spurs lead generation through engagement, such as opt-ins for webinar registrations, surveys or podcast downloads. With each action taken by visitors to your website, you learn more about them while cultivating stronger relationships.



To attract a broader audience, go beyond articles and change up your format by adding infographics or podcasts. Engage professional writers and designers who can work on a given topic with original research, or to keep the writing closer to “home,” by providing rough drafts or interviews. When hiring, it’s imperative to find people who are knowledgeable in finance – and with compliance rules.



Each piece need not be a doctoral thesis – most people have short attention spans and prefer bite-size thoughts that you can prove in a compelling graph or chart.

Longer pieces establish the firm as serious and can be leveraged into shorter, more marketing-oriented pieces. One 4-page paper can morph into multiple social media posts, an infographic, animated or one/ two-minute talking head videos distributed via email.


Stay tuned for our fifth installment: Building a PR Program


The full report is available for download here.