Our society has been veering toward a more digital world for many years, but the current pandemic sent that into hyperdrive.

When many states enforced shelter in place guidelines people found themselves working, shopping, communicating, learning.... All digitally! 

Social media platforms are more popular than ever as a way to make connections.

LinkedIn, geared more toward professionals, is helping members reach clients and prospects as well as communicate with others in their field.

LinkedIn rolled out a few new tools in January you may have missed. 




Similar to the feature on Facebook, you can create and manage events within LinkedIn.


 LI events
Their new video highlights the feature


Managing your business page


They've also added new tools to improve your business experience.  

1. Stream live directly from LinkedIn. Broadcast your video content and interact with your professional audience in real-time 

2. Invite your profile connections to follow your business page

3. Post from either your profile or business page directly from the LinkedIn home screen


 LI pages

Their new video highlights the features available for pages


 These are just the new tools LinkedIn rolled out this year. They have many more tools available to help you connect with others professionally.


At SunStar, we help many of our clients navigate a variety of social media platforms. If you're not sure where to start we're here to help!