We all know data is important but reading rows and rows of data....zzzzzzzz

What if you could present your data in such a way that it wouldn't be a total snoozefest for your reader? 

You've worked hard and spent many hours collecting your data so why lose your audience when you're trying to present it?

Our friends at Ragan.com suggest the best way to fix the problem is through the use of infographics. They shared 9 templates and some pretty amazing tips to help you present your data:

  1. Tell a story with your data
  2. Combine different types of data visualizations
  3. Use icons to emphasize important points
  4. Use bold fonts to make text engaging
  5. Pick colors that make your points pop
  6. Show how the parts make up a whole
  7. Focus on one amazing statistic
  8. Optimize your infographic for mobile
  9. Replace bullet points with icons

Go forth and share your data! Turn those dull charts and tables into exciting, easy to digest, visually appealing infographics!

You can find the full article here.