The celebration of Halloween dates back to pagan times, and today is celebrated by many countries around the globe.

In the U.S. it’s custom for children to dress in costume and go door to door trick-or-treating. But what about other countries? Ever wonder if they celebrate the same way? Some do, but not all. Other countries have their own versions of Halloween customs and traditions. In Germany, people put all their knives away on the evening of the 31st to avoid harm coming to or from returning spirits.

The holiday has evolved in many interesting ways from its earliest inception.


We’ve gathered a few fun facts for you:

  • The first jack-o-lanterns were actually made from turnips.
  • When it comes to candy, 50% of children prefer chocolate, 24% prefer non-chocolate candy, 10% prefer gum.
  • The largest pumpkin grown on record weighed a whopping 836 pounds!
  • The city of Boston holds the record for the most jack-o-lanterns lit at the same time-30,128!

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Happy Halloween! May your haul be full with your favorite goodies!