Hennessy Advisors, long-time SunStar Strategic client, typically holds a mid-year, in-person CIO Roundtable in Washington, D.C.

Considering the pandemic, Hennessy chose to host the event virtually via GotoWebinar. Neil Hennessy, the firm’s Chief Investment Officer and 10 additional portfolio managers presented via their computers from their offices, their homes, and even Japan!

The event was led by Neil, who conducted a Q&A session highlighting each manager’s thoughts about current and future market conditions. He called on individual portfolio managers to answer each question – a great solution to minimizing cross chatter or having to mute/unmute panelists!

Choosing to host events virtually can sometimes feel disappointing or an inadequate replacement for the original event. That was not the case and all the portfolio managers were able to share their insights fully.

The pandemic has truly turned our world around and many find themselves unable to conduct business as usual. Take a cue from our friends at Hennessy and think outside the box – taking meetings or events virtually can have great success!