Today more than ever we are living in a digital society. Marketing efforts for your firm should have a significant digital portion.

This is not to say traditional marketing efforts won’t work, but instead to say your digital marketing efforts should be working alongside your traditional efforts. Prospects that connect with you digitally should be tracked and nurtured that way.

Our friends at Hubspot shared the 13 Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid & How to Fix Them. They tackle everything from the importance of having a blog to position yourself as a trusted industry leader, the pitfalls of avoiding social media, failing to optimize your website and materials for digital viewers, and more.

Their list tells you not only what not to do – but how to fix them if you’ve already done them!

Is it time to reassess your marketing program? Improve your digital component? Let’s talk and see if we can help. We can put the internet to work for any industry with websites, videos, online ads, emails, inbound marketing and more. Give us a call!