There never seem to be enough hours in a day. There is much to be done with little time to do it! 

Enter life hacks - tips and strategies to help manage time or complete tasks more efficiently. We've got a GREAT life hack that leads to more content creation with less effort!  


Content. Content. Content.

Most marketing efforts start from a single piece of content. If you want to stay relevant and timely with your audience, you'll have to roll out a steady stream of content in essence becoming a content creation machine! Right?



You don't have to churn out the content at an unsustainable pace! Shift your focus - and instead, make sure you're leveraging your content to get the most from every piece you do create.


Old way of doing things

Think of a great live interview you’ve done in the past few months. Typically, after you do the interview it goes up on the publication's website then your team shares the link via email then -- the end. There’s no text version of the interview, no follow-up, you just cross your fingers and hope people watch the interview then head to your website.

What about a print interview? What if there was an excellent piece of coverage in a print publication like the Wall Street Journal? Same story. Your spokesperson nails the interview gets quoted in a high-profile article, and when a reader wants to engage with your brand further, they find nothing. Maybe the reader finds your blog and sees a few old posts, or stumbles upon your social media accounts and sees limited information, or maybe not. Maybe the effort dies right there.

Imagine instead…. the reader found a blog post discussing the coverage. The post included relevant fund information and investment advice!


New way of doing things = the hack

Here’s where the hack comes in – take an existing piece of media coverage and leverage it into many more pieces. Turn the live interview into a blog post that summarizes the key points mentioned, shares a link to the full interview, and provides extra commentary that didn’t make it into the interview.

You now have a new blog post that not only educates your advisors and shareholders but also links them to a video interview, further increasing your reputation as a thought leader.

Use this hack with each piece of content you create. Time and effort go into each piece of content so maximize your effort. A white paper can live on your site and wait to be read. Or you can drive traffic to it via email and social media posts, break it up, share it and discuss it in blog posts.


Pay attention

Watch how your content performs. Is a blog post particularly popular? Create a follow-up video or a more in-depth post on the topic.

Has a commentary particularly resonated with your audience? That’s a good indication your audience wants more. You can then send them to your YouTube channel where you have an expert discussing that topic.


Don’t Get Left Behind 

Too many organizations are failing to leverage their content and keep up with current marketing trends. Methods of content creation are becoming easier and there are many avenues to push out your materials.

Got a podcast?

Consider creating "show notes" from the episode. Notes can summarize key points, share links to websites/products mentioned, and recommend other existing or upcoming podcast episodes that might be of interest.  

Have a YouTube channel?

If your YouTube channel has few subscribers but you have an active blog, leverage your blog to lead users to your YouTube channel.

The person consuming the content should have a flawless user experience. Never leave a potential prospect wanting more from your firm feeling they’re leaving empty-handed. We live in a time where organizations don’t have to sit back and hope prospects find their firm, we now understand the value of sales funnels.

The list of ways to leverage your content into more content is infinite; there are quick and effective ways to do it. Do an internal analysis or contact SunStar to conduct an audit of your marketing outreach and see where you can improve, then adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Use the tools available to you to create more content without the hassle of thinking of new original ideas and reap the benefits.

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