Are you struggling with marketing success? SunStar recently contributed to a webinar hosted by Foreside Distributors, to discuss ideas and resources that can help marketers overcome challenges today. This is the first of installment of our report, Taking Action for Marketing Success. 

These are challenging times for financial marketers. 


Passive vs. Active 

The growing tide of passive investing is manifesting itself in negative fund flows for active managers. This, along with downward fee pressure, increasing regulatory costs and stiffer competition is making distribution more difficult. As funds confront the growing challenges of distribution, many wonder if they should instead focus on their core business of asset management or wealth management.



Platforms are looking to reduce their due diligence costs, and as a result are applying stricter criteria to fund costs and performance to rationalize fund selection. When a fund loses access to a platform, it loses assets


Product Mix

Perhaps the biggest challenge is the growth of AUM and revenues over the last several years that has been generated by the tailwind of strong performance. Industry experts believe that tailwind is coming to an end, which will leave firms with a shrinking revenue pool and continued downward fee pressure. Investment management firms should be asking themselves where their asset growth is going to come from without the assistance of a stock market that appears to be tiring after a nine-year bull run.


Stay tuned for our second installment: Control Your Destiny - Set a Strategy.


The full report is available for download here.