Thanks to the Polar Vortex much of the U.S. is seeing record-breaking temps this week.  It’s currently colder in parts of the Midwest than it is in Antarctica and Alaska!


Current temps (1:12 pm ET)

McMurdo, Antarctica      Current temp: 20             Real feel: 11

Anchorage, Alaska           Current temp: 32             Real feel: 32

Chicago, Illinois                 Current temp: -15            Real feel: -42

St. Paul, MN                      Current temp: -19            Real feel: -41

Des Moines, IA                 Current temp: -10            Real feel: -29


weather map

Map courtesy of Weather Central


While it looks like the folks in Florida might be wearing sweaters, others in parts of the midwest are hunkered down and not leaving home. Schools and businesses are closed through much of the mid-west states.


Did you know more than 22 million tons of salt are used on the roads each winter?

Or that the record for the quickest cold snap in history took place on January 10, 1911, in Rapid City, South Dakota? The day started at 55 degrees and dropped to 8 degrees in 15 minutes!

Ever wonder which city gets the most snow each year? You might be surprised to learn it's Aomori City, Japan. On average they receive about 26 feet of snow per year.

Did you know snow falls at varying rates? It can fall at a rate of 1 – 6 feet per second. The speed of the fall is determined by the size and shape of the individual snowflake. The larger snowflakes can act similar to parachutes and travel slower than their smaller pellet-like counterparts.

You can find these and more interesting cold weather facts here. 


At temperatures this low frostbite can occur within 5 minutes! If you’re in an area affected by these cold temperatures stay safe! For helpful tips to care for your house or car check out these resources from Liberty Mutual, Farmers’ Almanac and Consumer Reports.

Stay warm and stay safe!