When it comes to branding it’s common to hear “know your brand,” “stick to your brand,” “stay on brand,” etc.

When it comes to times of crisis though does that advice hold true? According to Forbes, that’s a big nope. It’s a crucial time for your business branding to adapt and change to meet the crisis.

Branding is your promise to your consumers. In a crisis it’s likely your promise to them would change and your branding should reflect that. Evolving and adapting will help your brand achieve success.  

Forbes Communication Council was consulted, and they’ve put forth their top 16 tips for branding during a crisis.


  1. Let the human show
  2. Invest in connection
  3. Be perseverant
  4. Do the right thing
  5. Own the relationship
  6. Be ready to adapt your message
  7. Remember you are marketing to humans
  8. Be true to yourself and your customers
  9. Be in control of your narrative
  10. Be vulnerable and purposeful
  11. Consider what’s best for your customers first
  12. Be seen, be heard, don’t sell
  13. Be genuinely helpful to customers
  14. Understand customers' emotional shifts
  15. Focus on your initial response
  16. Have a plan before a crisis occurs


Remember, your branding isn't set in stone. Adapting to the current environment will help you connect to your audience where they're at now - not where they were before.


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