When you hear the word “habit” it can often have an underlying negative connotation.

Some might think of vices such as smoking, nail-biting or hair twisting.   

Some might think of more positive habits such as stretching, exercising, reading a newspaper, etc.

When it comes to work it’s important to set up positive habits to help accomplish tasks and get you through the day.

Our friends at Success magazine interviewed members of the Young Entrepreneur Council and they shared their Top 13 Positive Habits they believe contribute to their successes.


  1. Create a task list first thing in the morning – review the list and prioritize the items

  2. Share difficult problems you’re working through – sharing the issues with others can result in a fresh set of eyes and different solutions

  3. Practice transparency – honesty can help resolve conflicts before they become an issue, and also helps build relationships  

  4. Exercise – not only is it good for the body, but the endorphins are good for the mind

  5. Eat healthy – avoid the spikes brought about by sugary or less healthy foods and stay on an even keel

  6. Follow up – make sure you’re on the same page as colleagues. It can help solidify the relationship and possibly help alleviate future conflicts

  7. Meditate – take a moment to yourself to reflect and focus

  8. Let go – don’t dwell on the small things. Let the minor issues go and focus your energies on the things that really need your attention

  9. Carve out time for what matters – enjoy that morning run? After lunch walk for fresh air? Work them into your schedule. If it’s important to you then make the time for it

  10. Practice skills – any skill worth doing is worth doing well. Set aside time for practice

  11. Talk yourself up – giving yourself pep talks may seem cheezy, but it can help put you in a positive mindset and feel more confident

  12. Put people first – a “service first” will almost always have positive returns

  13. Reach out to people you admire – not only might they be able to provide valuable insights, but they might even provide fresh inspiration!


You can read more about these positive habits and the Young Entrepreneur Council in the Success post.