After a year like 2020 where the twists and turns were colossal, and the term “unprecedented” became daily jargon what could 2021 possibly bring?

The folks at Visual Capital have scoured resources and put together their 2021 bingo card. After reviewing more than 200 articles, papers, podcasts, etc., they are making their predictions on everything from investing to brands to social media.



They see ESG investing, which has been on a steady trajectory, moving from a trend into a full-blown societal shift, and strong returns for China.


Pandemic impact

COVID-19 and vaccine rollout could change many of the predictions, but many sources seem to believe the summer of 2021 will bring the globe closer to some type of “normalcy.”

They predict the impact the pandemic has had so far is here to stay in that many companies and businesses that were forced to work-from-home will likely rethink what that looks like when things return to normal.

The mental toll of the pandemic has not slipped by. Companies are aware of the negative impact on employees and will likely implement new methods to support workers in general as well as in the office.


You can find the full bingo card with all predictions here.