Marketing methods and strategies are constantly changing. Your marketing strategy should be adapting to the changes and trends, while adhering to marketing tenets that remain unchanged.

Today’s society is dominated by change and evolution. Products and services are ever changing as manufacturers strive to develop the next best thing. But!

When it comes to marketing strategies the basic underlying principles remain unchanged regardless of the superficial changes.

Success magazine spoke with 10 entrepreneurs who shared their top unchanging marketing rules. We can all learn from these and make sure that no matter how our marketing strategies are changing, we're making sure to stick to the core principles.

  1. Grab attention
  2. Speak their language
  3. Be relevant
  4. Create products you love
  5. Educate
  6. Profit over “pretty”
  7. Give people what they want
  8. Get social
  9. Go where they are
  10. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

You can find the full article here.