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The Coronavirus and its impact on our health and economies across the globe are frightening and confusing.

For investors, there is added concern and worry. Asset managers are working overtime on behalf of shareholders and clients, sending crisis communications, trying to preserve capital and possibly even finding bargains of the decade in the affray.

Everyone’s first priority must be to ensure the well-being and emotional health of families and staff.


Importantly, the investing public needs to hear from investment experts and their advisors now and regularly over the coming weeks.


At SunStar Strategic, we have worked closely with all of our clients to cancel travel and arrange alternative remote interviews. Many shareholders and clients may be floundering, some gravitating to cash, others moving assets around looking for value. They need personal reassurance to remain steadfast, yet it would be a heroic effort to reach each and every one of them individually.

TV producers and journalists are turning to conducting remote interviews almost exclusively. Due to cancellations, there are more opportunities than usual for spokespeople who can be available on short notice. 

We recommend staying in front of investors, offering your insight during this confusing period. Just as the media is doing their part in disseminating health information provided by the WHO and CDC, and health care providers are manning the front lines, it is imperative the investment industry step up to keep investors reassured and in the know about the market’s gyrations.

Another strategy to consider is reaching out to large RIAs who invest their clients in your firm’s products and offering a call with your CIO or portfolio manager.

We are all in unchartered territory and a proactive approach will not only help ease investor concerns but also strengthen your relationships.

We understand your primary focus is on keeping yourself, your loved ones and community safe. Let us know if we can help secure media opportunities, help with quick-turn / compliance-friendly commentaries and emails to constituents or crisis communications.