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Don't just send an email to send an email. Doing your research before you email can save you time and money AND help you keep them interested!

Advisors do want to hear from you, but on their time, not yours.

Advisors, like everyone these days, are bombarded by emails. Despite the volume, nearly three-quarters of advisors prefer to receive information via email, giving them some control over when and how they view that information.

Emails can be read immediately upon receipt or later when it's convenient. They can be read in their entirety or skimmed - it's under the advisor's control.


How can you stand out?

Your email will be just one of many in a crowded in-box. What would make yours stand out?

Advisors are more likely to open emails:

  • From someone they know or recognize
  • On topics of interest to them
  • Regarding products or services they currently use 


How often is too often?

What's the quickest way to get someone to unsubscribe from your emails or flag you as spammer? Bombard them with emails too frequently that are irrelevant. Approximately 60% of advisors state they prefer to receive emails quarterly. Use your four emails wisely. 

Modern technology gives us the tools to know more about our databases than ever before.  Take advantage of the information at your fingertips and customize your communications to your audience. Exerting a little effort can show you know them and you're interested in their needs.

Emails are a great tool to connect with clients and prospects or deliver information. Take care to use them wisely.