In our most recent podcast SunStar Strategic's, Jake Oxley, interviewed Sandra Powers Murphy, CEO of Noble Ark Ventures.

Sandra Powers Murphy recently published a new book, The Road to AUM: Driving Assets Under Management through Effective Marketing and Sales. She wrote the book after years of hearing investment managers question why, despite solid performance, they were having difficulty attracting new assets.

In her book, Powers Murphy discusses many factors at play. She says it's much more than just performance. Asset managers need to look at the bigger picture and determine what are the best attributes of the product they are offering and where it fits best. She identified three areas of focus:

1. Competitive terms 

2. Value proposition

3. Consistent content and communications

As asset managers focus on these areas, the firm as a whole also needs to take a step back to make sure they are all on the same page before moving forward. Do all members of the firm see the same strengths and attributes in the strategy? Are they sharing the information consistently across marketing materials?

You can find other valuable insights by listening to the full interview or reading the transcript here



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