As a society, we’ve come to rely more and more on digital resources versus paper or even in person resources. Does that carryover to communication methods as well?

According to research from DST Kasina that answer is yes.

With technology advancing more and more each day, we’re not quite at the era of the Jetsens, but we’ve essentially got the world at our fingertips thanks to smart phones, tablets and Google.

In their recent study, DST Kasina found that nearly 75% of asset managers already prefer to receive personalized digital resources and recommendations in the form of news updates, emails and sometimes even texts rather than in person contact with a salesperson.

They predict in 2017 and beyond, advisors’ reliance on data from their mobile devices will continue to increase, as will their reliance on digital sources for information such as company websites and LinkedIn pages.

DIgital Engagement

*source: DST Kasina

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