New Years resolutions don’t always have to pertain to your personal life – they can just as easily apply to your professional life.

As you kick off the new year, look at your practice. What is working? What isn’t? Are there processes that can be streamlined? Areas that can be improved?

One of the most important areas is customer service. It can be easy to overlook but can be a costly mistake. The Forbes Finance Council shareed their top 16 Strategies to Help Financial Advisors Improve Their Customer Service.

  1. Provide greater access to information.
  2. Explain the benefits of your technology tools.
  3. Implement more frequent check-ins.
  4. Charge a fair fee.
  5. Ask clients what’s new each time you see them.
  6. Give client communication a personal, relevant touch.
  7. Listen to, rather than talk at, clients.
  8. Regularly share updates and educational content.
  9. Stop using inflated retirement calculator tools.
  10. Get to know clients deeply.
  11. Take a proactive, process-driven approach.
  12. Develop a holistic plan for your client.
  13. Digitize and virtualize services.
  14. Anticipate clients’ needs.
  15. Consider each client’s concerns and goals.
  16. Keep your clients’ best interests the top priority.

At SunStar, we’ve helped our clients improve their customer service and build their business through deeper connections. We can help you too.