Fee pressure continues to increase while profitability is weakening for asset managers. It’s more important than ever to build a firm that is resilient to business cycle fluctuations. Not all asset managers will survive the next market downturn.  Register to find out what it will take. 

As part of SunStar Strategic's "An Inside Look: Webinar Series," we've invited Warren Miller, CEO and founder of Flowspring, to present "Build a Resilient Firm to Weather the Next Market Cycle."  Warren will present hard data and recommendations including:

  • Steps to take to build an asset management business resilient to market cycles
  • Recent trends in investor preferences - and what they indicate about the phase of the market cycle
  • Investment product characteristics that matter the most when the chips are down
  • The paramount importance of product development


Tuesday, February 4th




Flowspring has developed competitive intelligence software for asset managers that helps you understand your competitors, your investors, and the market for asset management products. The firm analyzes hundreds of thousands of investment products to provide you with the most actionable, forward-looking intelligence.

A keynote speaker at SunStar's Mutual Fund Conference last spring, Warren was extremely well received. Attendees found his insights invaluable in understanding what's going on in the fund industry today and how they need to adapt and change.

See his Conference presentation from Spring 2019