Volatile markets and the inevitable feelings of uncertainty often lead investors to make irrational decisions. Once conditions stabilize investors are often left with feelings of regret.

How can you help your clients get through these volatile times? 

Experts suggest the first stage is validation.

Validate their thoughts and fears using the Six Validation Levels:

  1. Be present
  2. Accurately reflect what you heard
  3. Mind-read
  4. Understand behavior as a consequence of history and biology
  5. Normalize reactions
  6. Apply radical gentleness

Once you've validated their feelings, you can help them challenge and then reframe current thought processes using cognitive behavioral therapy. 

In volatile times, your role as advisor becomes more important than ever. Clients will look to you for reassurances.

You can learn more from our special report, Addressing Investors' Emotions.


Addressing Investors Emotions