Plenty of financial industry conferences are hosted every year. Choosing which ones to attend or “invest in” is no easy task. We have compiled and analyzed a number of them to help you make a strategic decision. 

Like many other parts of your PR and marketing plan, deciding which industry conferences to attend depends upon your goals and audience. Are you targeting institutional investors, financial advisors or the retail sector? Are you launching a new mutual fund or growing an established one?

With these questions in mind, you will be able to decide whether your money is best spent at large industry conferences like Morningstar or SCHWAB Impact, or at smaller regional or firm-specific conferences.

Financial Advisor Conferences

Conferences that target financial advisors are a major marketing opportunity for mutual fund companies. Typically, these conferences focus on topics such as wealth management, portfolio construction, tax planning, retirement and industry trends.

Conference Month Location Attendee(A) & Sponsorship (S) Fees (approximate 2016) # Attendees (approximate)
TD Ameritrade (TDA) January or February Orlando, FL

A: $1,000

S: $10 - 15 K

IMCA Annual Conference April or May Varies

A: $1,250

S: $10 K

Pershing INSITE June Varies

A: $1,000

S: $10 - 15 K

Morningstar June Chicago, IL

A: $1,200

S: $15 K

2,000 - 3,000
FPA September or October Varies

A: $800 - 1,300

S: $1 K – 8 K

2,000 - 3,000
NAPFA October Varies

A: $800 - 1,400

S: $8 K – 90 K

500 - 1,000
Schwab IMPACT October or November Varies

A: $1,200

S: $8 - 130 K



Industry Conferences

Industry conferences are good educational events for mutual fund companies. Topics typically include: industry trends, operations, accounting, compliance, product development, growth, marketing and distribution. 

Conference Month Location Attendee Fees (approximate) # Attendees
NICSA January or February Hollywood, FL


MFEA Technology February Varies $750 100 - 200
MFEA Strategic Summit April or May NY, NY $750 100 - 200
ICI General Membership Meeting May Washington, DC $1,000 2,000
MFEA Digital Council June Varies $750 100 - 200

MFEA Distribution/

Product Council Roundtables

September Variable $750 100 - 200
MFEA Star Awards & Marketing Council October Varies $750 100 - 200

Client Conferences

Client conferences offer attractive educational opportunities for mutual fund companies that are clients or prospects of the host company. These conferences may focus on the same topics covered by some of the industry conferences but are more targeted towards the informational needs of their clients.

Conference Month Location Attendee(A) & Sponsorship (S)  Fees # Attendees
Gemini-Orion Fund Services Client February Varies Free for Gemini-Orion clients & prospects 1,000
Strategic Insight Client June NY, NY A: $1,000 300 - 400
US Bank Client June Milwaukee, WI Free for US Bank clients & prospects 100 - 400
Cohen Fund Services Client August or September Varies Free for Cohen clients & prospects 100 - 200
UMB Client September Varies Free for UMB clients & prospects 300 - 400
Ultimus Client Summit September Cincinnati, OH Free for Ultimus clients & prospects 60 - 100

Need more info on conferences and conference prep? Check out our conference series here, or download our infographic "The Mutual Fund Manager's Guide to Financial Advisor Conferences."

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