To best reach clients and prospects, financial advisors need to know where investors prefer to get their information and how they prefer to digest it.


Our friends over at Nasdaq completed their annual Retail Investor Survey, and recently shared some of the highlights:


Gathering Information

They gained insights into where retail investors find information on investments, and how they consume that information. They found it is driven by two factors – age and investible income.

Many investors learn about new opportunities through short form articles, and younger generations prefer infographics, but that preference decreases as investible income increases.

Gen Z investors also rely on podcasts, online videos and online articles.


Financial Advisors

Use of a financial advisor impacts the decisions and profiles of a retail investor and remains a trusted resource. Of retail investors surveyed, 57% use a financial advisor, and 30% say they would consider using one.


Social Media

Of all the social media platforms available, YouTube and Facebook are the most highly relied on for information regarding investment decisions, but Twitter and TikTok influence is growing. TikTok as an investment resource is growing across all age groups, but highest among Gen Z followed by Baby Boomers.

You can learn more about Nasdaq’s survey findings here.