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Was it relaxed and rejuvenating? Or, was it frantic and exhausting and you're glad to be back at work and away from it all?

Our friends at Success magazine have found that exceptionally successful people - not just successful people, but exceptionally successful people - tend to behave similarly on the weekends.

Whereas some might look at the weekend as a time to "veg out" on the couch and catch up on sleep, or even run all those errands that have been put off, exceptionally successful people spend their weekends recharging and reconnecting. Are you spending your weekend at the office trying to get it all done? What if, instead, you took your weekends off and changed your focus? What would happen?

If you ever wondered how you can spend your weekend like an exceptionally successful person, you can find it here in the 10 Things Exceptionally Successful People Do on the Weekends