Just like in life, change in the mutual fund industry is constant.

Many of the changes in recent years are more beneficial to the investor. The folks at Chicago Tribune share 4 trends they see in the current investing environment.



Investors are turning from actively managed funds, which are typically more costly to the investor and opting for low-cost index funds and ETFs. These moves have persisted over the past few years driving down index fund expense ratios.


Reduced costs

Fund companies have begun to decrease or in some cases completely eliminate investment minimums.


More unique offerings

There are many mutual funds to choose from. Companies are now vying for those investments and are offering more diverse products that appeal to investors. More and more companies are offering ESG funds to appeal to a broader audience.


Re-opening closed funds

Previously closed funds may open due to periods of poor market performance. Investors may wish to watch for desired closed funds to reopen in the coming year.


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