Alexandria, Virginia – November 1, 2019:  SunStar Strategic, a leading financial public relations and marketing firm, announced the launch of a new website and accompanying collateral for Mairs & Power, Inc., an SEC-registered investment advisory firm in St. Paul, MN. The site is the culmination of a nearly year-long branding initiative that began earlier this year.

“We are so pleased that Mairs & Power selected SunStar Strategic to be their partner in this initiative,” said Kathryn Morrison, president and CEO of SunStar Strategic. “It was exciting to see it all come together. The team at Mairs & Power and our Creative Services people worked together tirelessly and seamlessly to deliver this project on budget and on time.” 

Mairs & Power has served the Minneapolis-St. Paul area as investment counsel for nearly 100 years. They offer individually managed accounts to individuals and institutions as well as a family of three mutual funds. It prides itself on focused long-term investing, a regional approach and selecting high quality companies across all sizes and sectors.

The firm is Minnesota’s oldest investment firm under continuous ownership and management. It has remained independent since its founding in 1931 and is 100% employee-owned. It employs more than 40 people and manages approximately $9.6B as of 9/30/2019.  

“The objective of our initiative, called One Voice, was to update our brand in a way that more completely reflected our personality as a firm. It was very important for us to honor our past while also look forward to the future,” said Annette Lance, senior marketing coordinator for Mairs & Power. “Each of us here is dedicated our clients. We make all our decision based on what is in our clients’ best interests - and we wanted to ensure our website and materials spoke to that.”

In addition, the firm wanted to ensure they appeared relevant in today’s digital environment.

The One Voice project kicked off with a research phase during which SunStar interviewed management, surveyed all employees and conducted phone interviews with clients and financial advisors. “During the interviews, we uncovered qualities that are desired in an investment firm as well as how these constituents viewed the Mairs & Power brand at the beginning of the project,” said Marilyn Dale, VP & Creative Services Director at SunStar Strategic.

The new website includes two professionally filmed videos featuring senior managers as well as extensive custom photography. SunStar was instrumental in planning and producing the videos and the site copy so it both reflected the firm’s refreshed messaging as well as read well on screen for today’s consumers.

SunStar’s Creative Services Group and its technical partner designed, wrote and programmed the site.  In addition, the SunStar Group designed a new firm brochure, mutual fund fact sheets, specialty presentation on regional investing and multiple other pieces of marketing collateral.

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