With deep sadness, we say goodbye to our dear friend and colleague Sue Bryant, Operations Manager and Partner at SunStar Strategic. Sue passed away today after a month-long struggle to recover from a spontaneous brain aneurysm.


Sue was the heart of the company, a bright, witty and intelligent woman. Always thoughtful, she was considerate of people's time, treated us to chocolates and birthday greetings and was fiercely loyal to us all. She set a standard for personal character, with a strong sense of the proper way to get things done. 

Most importantly, she was a close personal friend of Kathryn Morrison's and to our SunStar family. We all enjoyed her delightful English accent and found her generosity and kind spirit inspirational.

Sue joined the firm in 2003. While her work was primarily behind the scenes, many of our clients have met or spoken with Sue. She played an integral role in the SunStar Conference team, coordinating logistics beforehand and onsite to ensure a high-quality event. For 17 years, she kept the busy SunStar offices running smoothly, handling the tiniest to the largest details in stride. 

We will miss her every day.