Alexandria, Virginia – September 10, 2018: SunStar Strategic is pleased to announce it has promoted Ben Gerow and Jake Oxley to account executives.

SunStar Strategic is a Washington D.C. and New York marketing and public relations firm specializing in the financial industry.

“Ben and Jake have been amazing additions to the SunStar team. Both immediately jumped in and each claimed their niche,” Kathryn Morrison, CEO and president of SunStar Strategic explained. “Their clients have consistently praised their ability to book significant interviews and manage the details of their PR programs.”

Gerow joined SunStar last year with a background in content marketing and relationship building. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in marketing management and a minor in communications.

“Blogging is a passion of mine. I’ve been happy to contribute to the SunStar blogs,” said Gerow. “Where else can you find the opportunity to reach so many people with content they crave to be more effective in their professional lives?”

Similarly, Oxley joined the company last year. Previously, he facilitated media outreach programs for a New York public relations firm with a wide range of media outlets for clients across industries including publishing, entertainment, business, and literature.

“I love the story-telling aspect of public relations. “Odysseus had Homer. Everyone has to have someone to tell their story for them,” said Oxley. 

Son of a military family, Oxley has traveled extensively across the globe sparking a keen interest in geography and history.  

He earned his bachelor’s degree in communications from Fordham University in New York City with a concentration in television and radio.

"Since its inception, SunStar has hired young men and women just a few years out of school. Our senior people mentor them and help them flourish into successful PR professionals," said Morrison. “It is my pride and joy to teach, encourage and watch their talents blossom.”


About SunStar Strategic

SunStar Strategic provides strategic public relations and inspired marketing communication programs that help its clients attract, maintain, and grow assets. SunStar Strategic focuses first on developing the unique messages that differentiate a firm in a crowded market. The company works closely with its clients to ensure they get the attention and recognition they deserve. SunStar’s robust PR practice spans more than two decades. Core services include public relations and comprehensive digital and print marketing services from strategy through design and execution.

SunStar Strategic,, has offices in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, and Austin.

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