When it comes to marketing your ETF – a one-size fits all approach isn’t likely going to bring much success.

Identify your audience

SunStar Strategic’s Kathryn Morrison tells FinancialPlanning that the key is learning more about your target market and how your fund fits into their strategy. Highlighting those areas will bring about greater successes.

Know your story

Morrison also recommends developing a consistent message that highlights your differentiators and calls out what makes your product unique. Your message, while specific to your product and firm, needs to be versatile enough to apply to a variety of topics and market situations.

Make sure all company personnel can verbalize the messages consistently. Your key spokesperson or persons should be trained in media interviews. Make sure they are prepared with the facts of the product and able to answer any questions asked in such a way to bridge back to your firm’s messages.

Maximize your press

Good press is hard to come by and Morrison recommends getting the most of it by securing reprint rights and sharing media mentions with your audience via your website, social media channels, email, etc.

Marketing ETFs isn’t impossible – you just need the proper tools to get the information in front of the right audience. Subscribers can find the full story here.