Content marketing is constantly evolving, but what hasn’t changed is the white paper! Using white papers strategically can give your marketing plan a boost.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a thought piece that provides valuable information to your audience to address a particular topic or issue.

Using white papers strategically can put your name in front of a potential client. In theory, your paper will tackle a problem or issue they’re facing and you’re now providing the solution.

A simple example would be an investor considering retirement.

If your company were to produce a thoughtful paper on the intricacies of retirement planning you’ve now created a piece that provides the investor with a real-life solution to their problem. You’ve demonstrated your thought leadership and have opened the door to further communications and quite possibly an ongoing relationship.

Forbes shared a few tips to consider when producing white papers:


  1. Don’t use it to promote your brand

  2. Use a captivating title and heading

  3. Make sure your findings are well-researched

  4. Use an appropriate layout

  5. Have a clear distribution strategy


White papers can be an integral part of your content marketing plan. They can be featured prominently on your site and repurposed to create additional supporting materials. For more marketing ideas sign up for our blog!