You want your salesperson to sound like they are knowledgeable but watch out for all that jargon!

Watch this

Trust us, it’s worth your two minutes. 

The fictional Rockwell Automation company featured in the video is having a problem communicating with its prospective clients. The jumble of jargon and technical language Rockwell Automation uses to tell prospects about its star product is almost incomprehensible.

You may have chuckled while watching, but that confusing mishmash of industry-specific babble may not be too far from what you and your salespeople sound like to your clients and prospects.

According to Mary Anne Doggett, Managing Partner at Interactive Communications, many spokespeople aren’t connecting with managers and advisors because they’re not engaging with communication and language preferences. By learning what language patterns your prospects are comfortable with—it’s a safe bet that industry jargon isn’t one of those patterns—wholesalers are better able to build natural, trusting relationships with clear lines of communication.

Have you reviewed your website, sales materials or key spokespeople (portfolio managers, marketers, salespeople) to see if they are using any language that may be confusing your clients and prospects? If they don’t understand you, it’s unlikely that they will invest in your funds.

The art of communication takes many forms.  Make sure you’re communicating-across all materials-in a way that will be well-received. Download our free e-book, in which we’ve compiled our best ideas to communicate with advisors and investors through multiple channels, including in-person.


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