Daniel Pink, best-selling author, has written several books on behavior, work, and motivation. His book on sales/marketing, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, offers an interesting take on how sales should be viewed. 


Published on Advisorpedia on April 12, 2018.

Pink shares an interesting theory. He suggests we are all involved in "selling" any time we try to convince someone to do something. From trying to sway co-workers to join in activities, to getting kids to do chores, to getting employees to partake in a new program - he says all of these are sales activities.

According to Pink, three skills are necessary for successful sales.  

Necessary skills – the ABC’s

Attunement - the ability to view things from other's perspective and learn to understand their biases and preferences. 

Buoyancy - the ability to stay optimistic and maintain a positive attitude in the face of rejection. 

Clarity - the ability to listen carefully to others and ask probing questions in order to uncover the real issue at hand. 


Throughout this book, Pink provides ideas and suggestions for how these techniques can be applied to everyday interactions.


Listen to Pink discussing the ABC’s and more here.


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