Brainstorming is often a crucial part of any PR and marketing plan, but it can hit roadblocks.

John Hylsop's article, "Use Neuroscience to Hack Your Next Brainstorming Session," offers insightful strategies rooted in neuroscience to revamp your brainstorming approach.


1. Ritualize to Optimize:

Inspired by Cal Newport's "Deep Work," establishing a pre-brainstorming ritual can signal your brain to prepare for intense cognitive activity. Whether it's a specific setting, a cup of tea, or a group meditation, consistency in these rituals primes your mind for creative thinking.

2. Embrace Cooperative Creativity:

MIT studies suggest that a cooperative, non-competitive environment fosters more creative ideas. Reminding your team that brainstorming is a collective, supportive effort can lead to more open sharing and constructive criticism.

3. Movement Matters:

Stanford research highlights the benefits of physical movement for creativity. Walking, in particular, can increase creative output by 60%, possibly by encouraging freer associative thinking and enhanced group interaction.

4. End with Curiosity:

Leaving a session with an open-ended question keeps the creative gears turning. This approach nurtures continuous innovation and encourages teams to ponder solutions beyond the meeting room.

Hylsop's strategies, grounded in neuroscience, can transform your brainstorming sessions into more productive, creative, and collaborative experiences. By respecting and harnessing the brain's unique capabilities, you can unlock a higher level of creativity and teamwork in your PR and marketing endeavors.

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