The needs of financial news networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV are multifaceted and subject to rapid change. Major world news events impact the financial markets every day affecting the format and subject matter for each program.

Marketing and public relations executives must learn to navigate this environment agilely for successful guest placement. 

Learn who to talk to, what ideas will resonate and understand the nuances of live television like the give and take of interviews.

The Segment Producer
The segment producer is assigned to a particular show and is responsible for scheduling a certain number of guest segments per day. Many producers focus on the daily market news, earnings announcements and, key economic data and schedule appropriate experts to comment on the specific news subjects of the day.
Responsible for scheduling the guests, the segment producer must also work with the show’s producer to develop ideas for each segment and research what type of individual would be best to fill the needs of that particular segment. They talk with the guest prior to the live interview, compose notes, conduct and prepare background research for the anchor person, write the introduction to the segment and provide graphics and video support.

Generating Content
Key content drivers are event-driven such as earnings - talking to CEO of company, mutual fund managers who own the stock or analysts who covers the stock or sector. Print news articles from wire services, daily newspapers and Internet sites are also important avenues for developing program content.

The Ideal Guest
An ideal guest is intelligent and knowledgeable about a topic and able to project that expertise with succinctness and clarity. At the same time, the guest has to recognize that the financial broadcast audience is made up of many types of people with varying levels of subject knowledge. Some may be professionally involved in the markets while others might be new to the market or simply have an interest in something and want to learn more.

Guests have to be clear and avoid excessive jargon. It is also helpful to have charisma, on-air presence and an understanding of the give and take of being on TV for a three to four minute segment.

The Ideal Pitch
An ideal pitch involves an understanding of the particular needs of each show. The biggest part is taking what is already known and moving it a step forward.

Understanding the Challenges
The biggest challenge for producers is making ideas new and fresh when everyone is reporting the same things. If guests on a segment have a different take on the news they have a much greater chance of securing air time.

Tips for Public Relations and Marketing Executives


Contact segment producers about particular experts, what they can talk about and why what they have to say is interesting. A give and take relationship is preferred - marketing/PR executives provide ideas to reporters and producers and in turn they will call when they need a particular expert.


Responding to requests quickly is crucial. It can be the difference between booking your expert versus someone else's. A producer is generally reaching out to 10 or 12 people at a time and much like the old adage “the early bird gets the worm,” whoever gets back to them first is most likely to secure the interview.


Watch the show to see who is on and what they talk about. Certain segments air daily so be aware of when they air, the requirements of the spot and the type of guest most appropriate. If your expert can fill those parameters you’ll have a better and more successful placement.

Getting on “The Radar”
To hit “the radar”, to be desired and seen as an expert, portfolio managers and other potential guests must have a compelling track record, a particular specialty or expertise, be knowledgeable, and have a reputation of being good on TV. In addition, they must be able to tie their know-how into the market news of the day.

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