Are you ready to launch your latest PR campaign? Take a step back and make sure you're charging forward with a fully fleshed-out plan.

A good public relations campaign requires a bit of work on the preparation end. It should have a clear objective and use strategic messaging to communicate that objective to the target audience.

If you were going to paint all the rooms of house would you buy a can of paint and a roller and just start painting?

Of course not.

You would remove anything hanging on the walls, patch and repair any holes or damage, move furniture or cover it with tarps, tape any trim, etc. 

A public relations plan really isn't that much different - if you do your prep work ahead of time - just like when painting a room - the end result will be much better.

Our friends at HubSpot shared their top 10 Pro Tips for Running an Effective PR Campaign.

Before sending out your message, they recommend you do your prep work!

1. Set a Goal, its Limitations, and Metric of Success:

2. Know Your Audience

3. Choose the Right Platform

4. Find Your Creative Angle

5. Write an Exceptional Press Release

6. Distribute Wisely

7. Build Relationships with Journalists

The fun doesn't stop there! Once you've released your message, keep the flow and momentum going by:

8. Link Building

9. Social Shares

10. Write a Company Blog Post