Imagine you are the senior marketing executive for a mutual fund family of funds and one of your funds has been featured in an influential financial publication.

Your hard work has paid off! 

Let’s talk a look at how you likely got to this point and discuss what to do next.


The process

First, you hired a public relations firm to help you identify what differentiates your firm from thousands of other mutual fund firms, and used that to build your image and brand. This brand recognition can speed up the sales process with retail and institutional investors.

Next, the PR firm led your portfolio managers through a media training workshop to develop key investment process messages. Managers and key personnel learned to stay on message when talking with the media and how to communicate succinctly and consistently. They learned that preparation and practice is key – trying to “wing it” during an interview wasn’t going to produce the same solid results.

Finally, it was on to New York City for a media tour during which a portfolio manager met with top-tier financial reporters. The tour paid dividends and one of the reporters wrote a positive feature story on the fund.


Next steps

It’s time to leverage this third-party media endorsement. Start by obtaining reprint rights to the article and link the story to your website, which, as an integral part of any marketing effort, should be easy to navigate and chock full of useful content. 

You might also consider an email to shareholders and prospects linking them to the piece on your website. Reprints are a worthy expense in both time and money and can be used in many ways. They lend credibility and position your firm as a thought leader in the industry, and can be an effective sales tool to use at conferences, seminars and at prospect meetings.

All the hard work has paid off. Don’t hesitate – go spread your good news!


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