Now that nearly all Americans are working from home, focus on how we communicate with others is more important than ever.

Workers are making do with face to face meetings via platforms like Skype and Zoom, and although facetime is important and is better than a phone call there is still that little extra something that is missing-the true in-person connection.

Are you leading your team via Zoom calls from your bedroom? Giving media interviews from your attic? Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, the career coaches from Forbes Coaches Council are here to help.

They’ve compiled 15 ways leaders can be more mindful of how they’re communicating.

  1. Lead with humanity
  2. Read your audience 
  3. Get a trusted confidant
  4. Monitor body language
  5. Learn about inclusive language
  6. Check your biases and microaggressions
  7. Communicate with curiosity
  8. Use conversational recipes
  9. Use “narration”
  10. Simplify your language
  11. Be aware of your emotions
  12. Intentionally model expectations
  13. Build empathy by listening
  14. Speak to potential not performance
  15. Get feedback from the front line


You can find more details in the full article here. These are great tips that can be applied in your day to day meetings with co-workers, investors and even during media interviews.

Adjusting how you are communicating will improve how you are perceived. Your investors will see you as trustworthy and reliable, and audiences will view you as an expert and thought leader.


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