Referrals are the lifeline of growing any successful business. But how can you take those referrals to the next level?

Forbes Communications Council shared their top tips to help turn your customer referrals into customer advocates.


What’s the difference?

Referral: “You’re looking for lawn service? I use Green Grass 555.333-5500.”

Advocate: “You’re looking for lawn service? Green Grass takes amazing care of our yard. They do a full inspection and make treatment recommendations that work and don’t break the bank. Our yard has never looked so good in the 15 years we’ve owned the home! All our neighbors have yard envy! Call Green Grass at 555.333-5500 and tell them I sent you.”

Referrals and word of mouth are great – they can bring in new business, but a customer advocate is helping build your brand.

How can you turn referrals into advocates?

 11 Expert Tips:

  1. Create 'Out-Of-The-Box' Communications
  2. Activate Current Customers To Drive New Ones
  3.  Make Sure The Customers Feel Special
  4. Create Long-Term Champions
  5. Align On Incentives And Give Them Freedom
  6. Build Offline Relationships
  7. Spotlight Your Customers
  8. Move Private Referrals To The Public Sphere
  9. Reward Them With Exclusive Offers
  10. Invite Them To Join You On Strategy Sessions
  11. Do Something That Feels Personal To Them

You can read the full article here. 


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