Public relations executives and campaign managers rely on word of mouth advertising as a critical component of their political PR plans when marketing to voters.

Word of mouth, a method of influencer marketing, has been around for decades before it even had a name.

People talk with one another about things they read about in newspapers or online or see on TV. A recent study from Engagement Labs found that people are most likely to share news from local TV (65%), social media (45%) and online-only news (39%). Folks gather around the water cooler at work “shooting the breeze” and sharing what they’ve heard.


Political campaigns are counting on average citizens to help spread information.


If they put the story out there – word of mouth will help it reach an even larger audience.

Engagement Labs further found that Americans trust news from local broadcasts (80%), local TV websites (75%), online (44%) and social media (28%).

Think about it in terms of your current PR program.  Are you getting yourself and your firm out there? People can’t and won’t invest in your fund if they don’t know who you are.

Thanks to word of mouth, the positive results from one press interview can have an even greater reach.

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