Marketing has moved from a creative effort to a more scientific effort that can be analyzed and adapted based on analytics.

In the past, companies were made up of siloed departments. Each department was focused on and working toward their own agenda. Over the years it’s become apparent that structure is no longer effective. There is now significant collaboration across all departments to achieve common goals.


Getting rid of the silos

Because it can be challenging to maintain communication and track progress across the various departments a need for a centralized method to share information, track progress, metrics and analytics became apparent.

Many companies now utilize “command centers”, a software platform that can be accessed by all departments and can track all the various components company-wide.


A comprehensive solution

Companies are now able to electronically track and analyze all components of their social media, marketing, and outreach efforts. They can see what is working and what isn’t. Constant analysis can help determine is the brand still relevant? Are tweaks necessary? Or perhaps a refresh is needed?

Sysomos explored the “Why, How & ROI of a Brand Command Center,” in their recent white paper.   

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