Marketers wonder – is email dead?


Email marketing is still a reliable tool in a marketer’s arsenal. It’s a solid method to generate leads, convert prospects, and communicate with current clients. A tool for any budget, email marketing can even be DIY on a shoestring budget.

According to our friends at HubSpot, email generates $42 for $1 spent – an ROI of 4,200%! Numbers like that make it a practical and affordable option. If you’re ready to dive in, follow these 17 marketing best practices that can help drive results.

  1. Don't purchase contact lists.
  2. Avoid using 'No-Reply' in the sender's email address.
  3. Stick to fewer than three typefaces.
  4. Optimize the email's preview text.
  5. Include an email signature.
  6. Clean your mailing list regularly.
  7. Keep the main message and call-to-action above the fold.
  8. Personalize the email greeting.
  9. Keep your email between 500 and 650 pixels wide.
  10. Split test different subject lines and calls to action.
  11. Include your logo.
  12. Name the offer in your subject line.
  13. Allow recipients to subscribe to your newsletter.
  14. Write compelling (but concise) subject lines.
  15. Use auto-responders for opt-ins.
  16. Closely tie emails to landing pages.
  17. Conduct a five-second test.

Email marketing may not be the flashiest new tool in your kit, but it can be one of the most reliable. If you're looking for other tips, be sure to take a look at our marketing blog. You'll find many articles on email marketing and more.