A recent study shows that nearly 50% of consumers have changed their brand preference during the pandemic.

What gives?

Marketing Dive shared details on the study from Ketchum, "Brand Reckoning 2020: How Crisis Culture Is Redefining Consumer Behavior, Loyalty and Values," which explored consumer behavior during these unusual times. They uncovered four pandemic personas:

  • Retro reengagers
  • Open-minded explorers
  • Worried withholders
  • Cautious questioners

The personas are all reacting to the pandemic differently as individuals struggle with so many areas of uncertainty.

Social awareness

Many are shifting away from brands in favor of those that have a social conscience. They are shifting to brands that prioritize the health and well being of their employees and consumers.

The Black Lives Matter movement has also played a role in that many are switching away from brands that may not practice inclusivity and diversity.

This may be a good time to look at your brand. How might it be perceived by each of these personas?

It might be time for a refresh.


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